Bridesmaid Dresses

We understand the importance of making the bridal party look their best! Custom designed bridesmaids dresses made to your specific style and colour palette.

Trust us to provide gorgeous bridesmaid dresses

We’re your all-in-one option in Gauteng for theme collaborations, so everyone in the wedding party will complement the overall look of the wedding day.

Thanks to our flexible approach, an inhouse team of designers and seamstresses, your options of bridesmaid dresses are infinite. And the process is simple!

All bridesmaids visit us for measurements. You view fabric samples or specify a material you prefer. Browse our sample designs, show us a picture or share your ideas for a unique outfit — our expert team can design and make any dress according to your specifications

“We cater for the entire bridal party with in-house designers and seamstresses. We are situated in Fourways. Book now”