Choosing your wedding dress can be an incredibly exciting event, but it’s also quite tricky to decide what style will best suit your frame. There are certain styles that go best with different body types, so identifying what type you are will help unveil the best wedding dress styles for you. You’ve all probably read about body types before and by now you’re probably aware of what your body type is. But let’s have a quick recap before we continue:

  • Pear-shaped: you have voluptuous hips and a slim waist. Your shoulders and arms are proportionately narrower or slimmer than your hips
  • Hourglass-shaped: your shoulders and arms are balanced by your hips and your waist is defined in the centre
  • Apple-shaped: you have slim legs and narrow hips with a full bust and body
  • Triangle-shaped: you have narrow hips and your shoulders are proportionately wider than your lower body, your waist is slightly defined
  • Athletic-shaped: you have a slim build with narrow hips and shoulders, your waist is not defined
  • Petite: you are short and have a very small, delicate frame

Fit And Flare Wedding Dress

Rebecca Ingram Connie 8RW702 Main 1Perfect for:

Fit and flare dresses can be amazingly flattering for a number of body types, but especially great for hourglass figures. They accentuate the waistline and drape beautifully over the hips. They’re also great for apple-shaped bodies, as they can be cinched at the waist to add definition.

Doesn’t suit:

Not the best for triangle-shaped bodies, as they accentuate the upper body and float over the narrow hips. Still, they can work for any body type if the measurements are correct.

Ballgown Wedding Dress

Rebecca Ingram Erica Anne 8RN684MC Main

Perfect for:

Everyone wants to wear a ballgown dress at some stage of their lives, but they truly only really suit a few body types. Pear-shaped or athletic-shaped bodies fit into ballgown dresses like a dream! If you wear a corset with a ballgown dress, it will also accentuate your waist more, so if your waist is not defined then you have options.

Doesn’t suit:

Ballgown dresses are not ideal for petite frames as the volume of fabric could be overwhelming for the small body.

Sheath Wedding Dress

Rebecca Ingram Billie 8RC710 Alt1

Perfect for:

Sheath wedding dresses, also known as column dresses, are perfect for athletic-shaped bodies. They drape over the body perfectly. If you alter the hem, a sheath fits a petite body type perfectly too.

Doesn’t suit:

They’re not the best match for pear-shaped bodies as they accentuate curves, while covering up your upper body aspects. Apple-shaped bodies also shouldn’t opt for a sheath wedding dress as the can also accentuate your tummy area. Triangle-shaped bodies can try variations of sheath dresses that show off their shoulders and upper backs.

Mermaid Wedding Dress Or Trumpet Style

Winter Wedding Dresses From Bridal & TuxedoPerfect for:

If you’re an hourglass-shaped body, the mermaid style is perfect for you. It will hug your voluptuous curves beautifully and also pay enough attention to your bust.

Doesn’t suit:

The mermaid or trumpet-style dress is not ideal for pear-shaped bodies as it does draw a lot of attention to the lower body. For shapes in between pear or hourglass, you will find some beautiful mermaid dresses to complement your curves. If the dress places a lot of emphasis on the bust, a proper pear might get away with a mermaid dress.


There is the ideal wedding dress out there for every body type, as we say – “find your perfect fit”. We know dresses better than anyone, and when it comes to dresses, we know wedding dresses like the backs of our hands! We would love to treat you to a dress fitting and help you in choosing your wedding dress.

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