The Royal Wedding has had everyone in a flurry. It’s moments like these that one starts dreaming of their own fairy tale wedding, and perhaps even the elusive Prince Charming that has yet to pinpoint your location. Whether you’re married, engaged, looking for love or not at all interested in the prospect, the idea of a royal wedding stirs up romantic ideas and a vivid imagination.

Or are we only speaking for ourselves?

Being in the business of supplying designer wedding dresses for the perfect “happily ever after” event, we tend to become wrapped up in all the details of high profile celebrity weddings. We can’t think of a more exciting, elaborate or extravagant wedding than The Royal Wedding, and it has swept us up into a blissful bridal dreamland. Imagine all the available options in magnificent gowns fit for a princess?

What Wedding Gown Do You Think Meghan Markle Would Wear?

We thought about how we would plan a royal wedding… where would you start? If it were up to us, the first and most important detail would definitely be the wedding dress. Obviously! What an honour it would be to create a wedding gown for the future royal family member. Every detail would be immaculate and the finest attention would need to be paid to every element.

Meghan seems like a no frills, no fuss kind of girl, so we don’t think she’d want an overly elaborate dress, but she is certainly a stylish lady. We have an inkling that her choice in dress would be elegant and stylish, with fine details that are understated, but extremely tasteful.

We drew inspiration from the beautiful Meghan Markle and had loads of fun putting together a collection of wedding gowns fit for a princess. Let us know which princess gown would be your pick if you were walking down the aisle of St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle on the 19th of May 2018. Let us know your style by connecting via our Facebook page.

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