Tips For Choosing A Bridal Bouquet To Match Your Wedding DressThe big day is one to be celebrated and enjoyed, and part of the fun is getting involved in all the planning and preparations. Finding the perfect wedding dress is certainly one of the most important factors involved, but once that’s done you need to find all the accessories to match it. From shoes, to veils or flower crowns, to wedding jewellery, all the way down to your bridal bouquet.

The bouquet is an accent that ties your wedding dress, bridal party and decor together and it needs to complement your dress completely. Choosing between a long, draping bridal bouquet or a small posy all depends on the type of dress you’re wearing. Here are our 5 tips for choosing the perfect bridal bouquet to match your gorgeous wedding dress.

1. Your Wedding Dress Can Determine The Shape Of Your Bridal Bouquet

Cascading bridal bouquet to match to your wedding dressUse the shape of your dress to help you determine what style of bouquet you should be using. If your dress is long and draped, you can complement it nicely with a flowing bouquet. This is especially appealing if your skirt has minimal detail on it. An embellished dress does well with a small arrangement that fits nicely into the hands so that it doesn’t distract eyes from the detail of the dress. If you have chosen something lacy and romantic think loose bouquet and wildflowers.

2. Your Bouquet Shouldn’t Hide Your Shape

We all want to look our best on our wedding day and this is something we should show off! Having a large bouquet that covers you up and hides the shape of your body will steal the attention away from you.You also don’t want to cover your waistline as it’s naturally the most narrow part of your body and wedding dresses go to a lot of effort to emphasize this. Accentuating your waist with a small, neat posy or a handful of proteas will finish off your wedding look immaculately.

Splash of colour for your bridal bouquet3. Your Bridal Bouquet Adds A Perfect Splash Of Colour

If your bridal colours are fairly neutral, your bouquet is the perfect opportunity to add a splash of colour to your wedding. In South Africa we are fortunate to have loads of indigenous flowers that are alive with colour and beauty. Think proteas, pincushions and strelitzias. These all go so beautifully with natural textures, wood, lace, and other greenery, but are also simply stunning on their own. However if you have chosen a uniquely coloured wedding dress, don’t overdo the colours in your bouquet as that will detract from your distinctive look.

4. Go Light

Wedding bouquets to match your wedding dress and themeWe don’t mean light in colour, but light in weight. Heavier bouquets can be a hassle to carry around, and you want to be comfortable above all else on your wedding day. You don’t want to have to strain at all to hold it in place, and it should be a comfortable fit in your hands. Remember that your bridal bouquet should be an extension of you and not in addition to you. Your wedding gown has been designed and altered for a comfortable fit, so too should your bouquet.

5. Add Personal Embellishments To Create Your Unique Bridal Bouquet

Since it is YOUR day, another perfect way to make it extra unique is to add some personal embellishments to your bridal bouquet. Keepsakes, gifts from loved ones or even a memento from someone special who has passed on can be worked into your bouquet to make it 100% you. No one else needs to know about it either. Just remember to remove your personal items before you toss the bouquet!

We are more than happy to guide you in your choice of dress, accessories and all the details that go with your wedding attire. Contact us today for a personal fitting and let’s get the creative juices flowing!