What To Expect From Your Wedding Dress Fitting At Bridal & TuxedoYour wedding day is made up of so many parts that each contribute to making it one of the most special moments in your life. The build-up and planning process is an incredibly momentous time in the lives of brides-to-be and future grooms, and each part should be savoured and enjoyed to the full. That’s why we take extra special care to ensure that our brides and grooms get a warm, inviting, friendly and devoted shopping experience when they come for a fitting.

Here are a few points about what to expect when you book a dress fitting with Bridal & Tuxedo, and also some tips that might help you make the most of it.

1. Set Aside Enough Time To Enjoy Every Second

Before you make your appointment for a wedding dress or tuxedo fitting, make sure you pick a date that is open from other commitments. You want to be able to relax and fully immerse yourself in the process so that you can enjoy your time with us. It should be a fun experience. If you’re rushing from pillar to post, you might not be fully focused on the dress. Also ensure that you arrive on time for your fitting to make the most of the hour allocated to you. Remember that there will be other brides following your fitting, all just as excited as you to start their fittings! So we really need to ensure that we start and end each fitting on time.

Each fitting is one hour, booked in advance. We charge a R200 fitting fee that is waived if you find and book your dream dress on the day. We will do whatever we can to match your expectations, and hopefully, you’ll be walking out of Bridal & Tuxedo with a huge smile on your face, knowing that you found “the one”!

2. Do Your Homework But Come With An Open Mind

Having an idea of what you are looking for is always good. With over 200 wedding dresses in our store having an idea of what style, material or detailing you want will narrow down your search. Have a look at our website or alternative sources to see what dresses stand out to you, know what it is you like about them and what it is you don’t. Have a look at different designers to get some inspiration.

Having said that, as much as we want you to prepare for your fitting, it is best to come with an open mind. Be prepared to try on a different style to what you initially thought you might want, and also to be prepared to be amazed at how gorgeous you look in our dresses.

What To Expect From Your Wedding Dress Fitting At Bridal & Tuxedo

3. Bring Your Girls

On the day of your fitting, we will be there for you every step of the way, but it’s also a wonderful time to share with your mom, sister, aunt, granny or best friend. We recommend that you bring two or three of your favourite people whose opinions and desires you respect, so that they can help you decide which works best, or simply praise your beauty when you try on the dresses! Remember that your wedding day is about you and your groom and ultimately you need to be happy, so although you want the opinions of others and they can help you decide, don’t let them confuse you. Always keep in mind who is wearing the dress.

4. Bring Your Shoes And Underwear With

This might sound a little absurd, but if you already know what shoes you’re going to wear and what underwear you’ll have on underneath, it’s a good idea to bring them with. That way when we fit the dresses, we know how much length you’ll need and also how much needs to be taken in at the bust or waist. Often, brides will only know what shoes or underwear to buy once they’ve found their perfect dress, and that is 100% fine. So don’t worry too much if you have no clue! We will guide you through each step of the process, regardless.

What To Expect From Your Wedding Dress Fitting At Bridal & Tuxedo

5. Choosing A Style

At Bridal & Tuxedo, we are fortunate to be affiliated with some of the most prestigious and sought-after designers in bridal wear, including:

Each designer brings their own magical flair to their dress designs, in terms of silhouettes, fabric choices and detailing. During your fitting, you will be able to select four dresses to try on and admire. If you are still unsure of what you want, go for different styles, ranging from mermaid to sheath, A-line to ballgown or fit-and-flare, so that you can narrow down what suits you. If you know your style from previous fittings stick to that, and we’ll help you find your dream dress in this design.

If none of the available options suit your taste or you have something very specific in mind, we can arrange a custom design for you. Come to us with your ideas and we can find the perfect wedding dress that matches your dreams.

6. It’s All About The Fit

When it comes to your perfect wedding dress, it’s all about the fit (and comfort). It needs to complement you, your style and your body shape and we know exactly how to make that work for you. We are experts in styling and fitting, so we can advise on any alterations in order to make your dress suit you and ensure a comfortable fit that transforms you from beautiful to exceptional!

Once you have chosen your dress, we will arrange for the alternations to be made and then set up subsequent fittings with you to double-check that everything is as you want it to be. With regards to the adjustments and recommendations, you simply leave it all up to us! We will take care of everything. All we need is for you to relax and enjoy the process.

Finding your dress is one of the most fun and exciting moments leading up to your big day so we want you to get the most out of it!

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